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Thoughts From the Office

So, I had an unfortunate almost embarrassing incident just a few moments ago and offer up what I have learned from said incident as advice for others moving forward.  If you work in an open office setting, anything where you can talk to other people while all sitting at your own desks, it would be a good idea to remove the headphones before trying to judge how loudly you are passing gas.  I may have just lucked out, as my coworkers were not at their desks, but I will definitely need to be more careful moving forward.   This may seem like a pretty obvious rule, however, you can never underestimate a person’s forgetfulness when sleepy.

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God’s Food

So, I’ve recently come to the realization that God’s food is barbecue.


I love the stuff, but here is why I think this.  Is there any kind of meat that is not at its best when smoked or grilled?  There may be similarly good ways to prepare different types of meats however for each of these, none is better than when smoked.  And the best part is simple salt and pepper is plenty of seasoning to have great flavor when cooked this way. This makes it God’s food because these happen to be the most basic ways to cook and somehow still the best.  All you need is some wood to start a fire and some rock to heat up in the fire or something to suspend the meat a proper distance above the fire to cook this way.  So by my awesomely infallible logic 🙂 that makes the most basic preparations of food the most tasty versions.  Almost no human advancement/ technology is needed to prepare these foods.  God put them here to be cooked in such a fashion so it must be His food.


I said all this to say that barbecue is my favorite food and I love it.